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Who We Are


Carole Landry

Carole Landry, owner and a graduate professional esthetician from Versailles Academy since 1987, is proud to be a leader in North Bay in bringing you the latest innovative esthetic services and products while maintaining your health and wellness. She is committed to offering safe, high-quality products, and services and is continuously working to improve her green vision.

Carole holds numerous certificates and diplomas in the esthetic field and specializes in facial rejuvenation massage and treatments, such as Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation, Venus Freeze, Mesoporation, Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion, EMS, and Energy 900 Facial Rejuvenation and LED Corrective Light Treatments.

As an educator for Dr. Bauman Skincare, Carole created and presented several seminars, such as Dermal Renewal: the science of skin rejuvenation, Beauty through Nature and Technology, and is passionate as a guest speaker to educate students and women at schools, groups, and special functions.

She is also certified as a Skinologist and in eyelash extension applications, Vasculyse treatments, advanced foot care, airbrush tanning, body and cellulite treatments, and more.




Has Made a Difference in Flare Ups

“I have been using Osmosis Skincare & Wellness Products for the last year, and have seen noticeable results on my skin and overall health.

Being someone who was been diagnosed/ treated for Lyme disease, I have been prone to auto immune disorders such as Psoriasis. Many topical creams/gels have been disappointed however- consuming the Disruptor and Skin Perfection harmonized waters, has made a difference in flare ups, and I have also noticed a change in my energy levels thanks to these products.

I find any acne issues I was dealing with have completely diminished from using the products above and in combination with Restore immune repair elixir.

I will continue to use these products, and I am overall happy with the results. Thank you to Carole at Point of Skin for making the recommendations!”

- Bryanne

A Hidden Jewel of Luxury

“Point of Skin delivers a relaxing and tranquil oasis in the hectic world we live in. It is a warm and inviting environment which you will want to visit again and again. Excellent services and great eco-friendly products at good prices. Carole and her staff are highly professional and caring to your individual needs. A hidden jewel of luxury in North Bay!” - Sarah W.

Finally Found the Place for Esthetics

“I have lived in North Bay for seven years now and I feel that I have finally found the place for all my esthetics needs. I have been to Point Of Skin several times now and have felt very welcome and comfortable. Carole and Andrea are very friendly and do such a great job for me. I have had manicures, pedicures and some facial treatment, all of which I have been more than pleased. They also carry a wonderful skin care product line that I am using and very happy with.” 

- Dorothy K.

I Always Feel and Look My Best

“I go to Point of Skin for all my esthetics needs, waxing, pedicures and facials. Carole has so much knowledge about her products and believes in everything she uses and sells. She is very professional and does a fantastic job in every aspect of her business. Whenever I leave Point of Skin I always feel and look my best. I cannot imagine going to anyone else for my services. Thank you Carole and Andrea for your great care, attention to detail and for making me feel my best.” 

- Rose R.

I Feel and Look Much Younger

“I always enjoy treating myself to facials, ion cleanses, and of course the manicures and pedicures. Looking forward to what you will offer in the New Year. All combined, I feel and look much younger than my actual age.”

- Brenda R.

You Can Count on Carole

“Carole’s custom made Ecowa Bath and Body products are absolutely amazing for your skin. As proof indisputable, I was on a cruise and developed a severe sinus cold. I frequently applied her body butter to my nose area and did not have any of the inflamed, flaky, dry burning, painful sensation that other brands cause. Her cream certainly saved me from a ruined few days of holidays. As well, Carole’s application of eyelash extensions is exceptional. The eyelashes last for 4-6 weeks and feel amazing. You can always count on Carole’s professionalism and knowledge of natural and chemical-free products.” 

- Mary S.

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